The Trouble With Tradition
Click on the image to read about the trouble with tradition, as I see it.

The trouble with tradition… as I see it. As artists or writers, we are taught conventions and traditions of thought and practice. In fact, I should go back to the start – as human beings, we’re taught to follow conventions and traditions. People  work well with established routes towards fixed outcomes because they’re efficient and […]

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Re: Presentation
Drawing reflected in a mirror. Lee Devonish.

Re: Presentation Is this my best side? For some artists, the attempt to package an image of themselves for the world can be maddening; for others, it may come as a natural extension of their practice. Performing the role of artist may be difficult for some because of the unclear nature of the boundaries of this role […]

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Fight, 2016 by Lee Devonish. Art about men and money.

Fight – a painting about masculinity and vulnerability combined. “Fight” encapsulates the conflict between the portrayal of outwardly brutal masculinity with the vulnerability of the body affected by violence.   In/Out of the series It is part of what I call the muscle series, but as a portrait it stands outside of the main body of the […]

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Perspective, graphite on paper, by Lee Devonish. Click on the picture to read more about the story behind this drawing.

Perspective Graphite on paper, 2011 I’ve always been attached to my artworks – I don’t churn them out, and I feel a strong sense of reluctance when it comes to selling them. There are a few that I’ll never sell though, and Perspective is one of them. Drawing children Children grow and change so quickly, […]

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