Studio Notes 06/12/19

This week’s detour has been a lot of fun, and sent me down a few research alleys that I didn’t expect (I never do expect them) but that will probably be useful for my other artworks.

In short, this week I made a mini-me.

Studio Notes 29/11/19

My second attempt at the knitting machine ended up in a tangled mess but don’t watch dat, watch dis – I found a new rabbit hole to fall down!

Studio Notes 22/11/19

Of all of the things I imagined myself doing this week, learning how to use a knitting machine was not on the list. But look at me now – the knitting machine queen!

Studio Notes 15/11/19

Last week it was clear that I had to do something else to make my studio work for me the way I needed it to.

It’s a great space, and I couldn’t have carried out my latest projects without it… but it’s not living up to its potential. I need more from it. So I finally pulled my finger out and started making the studio I need.

Studio Notes 08/11/19

There was one unintended consequence of last week’s wool washing: lots of steam turning into condensation and making its way into a portfolio leaning in a quiet corner.

On the surface it looked like a disaster, but the loss of some old work taught me something…