Why Do So Many Blogs Look The Same?
Why do so many blogs look the same? Exploring the visual language of blogging.

Why do so many blogs look the same? If you’ve been snooping around the internet for a while, you’ll start to get a bit blog-blind. What do I mean? Well, think: what was the last blog you visited that really stood out? Are you getting so lost in a haze of hyper-feminine brush text that […]

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Lumi Inkodye Projects
Lumi Inkodye Projects - Inkodye UK projects

Lumi Inkodye Projects I was given a Lumi Inkodye Sunfold kit by a very generous friend, and I finally had a chance to play around with it during a recent heatwave. After waiting for ages to try it out, I was totally hooked!   Inkodye is a UV-reactive dye, so the colour develops in sunlight. […]

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Writing Vs Blogging – 5 Things To Know
Blogging VS Writing: what's the difference? #writingvsblogging #bloggingforwriters #bloggingforauthors

Writing Vs Blogging When I started blogging seriously in 2015, I didn’t really have a clue about the craft of blogging, or that there even was such a thing. The concept of writing vs blogging didn’t cross my mind. Doesn’t good writing conquer all? I assumed that good writing would translate to good blogging, and […]

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What Should I Paint?
For some artists, choosing subject matter is easy, and for others it isn't. If you've ever asked, "what should I paint?", you're not alone.

What should I paint? The question of subject is one that constantly reoccurs to me:   What should I paint? Why do I want to create a work about this? Should I? Is it worthwhile? What will everyone else think?   Having a sense of self consciousness is vital to thinking critically about my own […]

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Want To Become A Patron? Here’s What’s In It For You.
Become a patron of the arts | become an artist's patron

How can you become a patron of the arts, even if you aren’t wealthy? Most of us will have heard of artist’s patrons – we think of those rich aristocrats who made it possible for artists to earn a living from their artwork, weaving their way into art history in the process. In recent years […]

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