The Moneytree Exhibition
The Moneytree exhibition, Hamilton House Gallery 2018

The Moneytree Exhibition I’ve been so pleased to have been included in The Moneytree exhibition at Hamilton House Gallery in Bristol.  The exhibition was brought together by Lara Luna Bartley in collaboration with the CoResist Collective, and features artwork about the financial and banking system. Lara was kind enough to share some pictures of the exhibition […]

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Studio Notes – Acrylic & Charcoal On Canvas
Studio notes: drawing with charcoal on canvas.

This is a story of experiment and of failure. Oh well! I don’t paint on canvas. I haven’t done in a long time. The texture of the weave just gets in my way and interrupts the fine detail that I’m trying to achieve. I prefer my surfaces to be smooth and to have texture develop […]

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How Bloggers Fake Popularity (And How You Can Do It Too)
How bloggers fake popularity, and how you can do it too... although you might not want to.

How bloggers fake popularity (and how you can do it too – although you might not want to) Are those influencers as influential as they seem? Once you’ve been around the online publishing world for a while, you’ll realise that not everything is as it seems. Brands want to work with popular bloggers, and bloggers […]

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Studio Notes: block printing & casting ingots
Studio notes: block printing & casting ingots.

I finally made prints from the block I carved, but I haven’t yet shown them as a finished edition for sale. So this is a bit of a quick preview! Block printing for the first time in the studio A friend of mine was getting rid of a desk, so I pinched it to give […]

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