n. uncontrollable excitement or emotion, extreme overreaction.

Studio Notes 14/03/20 – Sculpting Polymer Clay Hair

After a week of progress with designing a new, custom skeleton for an articulated figure, I realised that to get where I wanted to be by the end of the week, I needed to stop working with 3D software and start working with my hands. For that, I had to try sculpting polymer clay hair.


n. a highly contagious viral disease characterised by respiratory symptoms, fever and pain.

Studio Notes 07/03/20 – Learning To Use Chroma Key

Why bother learning to use chroma key techniques and filming with a green screen when I’ve already started building model furniture and a set, I hear you say?

Choice, flexibility, and fun! Well, it’s been a bit of fun, and a whole lot of frustration, if I’m being honest.