Studio Notes 01/11/19

This week I started to connect a flimsy neck to the bulk of my woolen head of Medusa. Now that there’s a nose, two rudimentary eyes and recognisable lips, it seems right that there should be some kind of bodily grounding.

The challenge – ok, the entire thing is a challenge because I’ve never done this before, so let’s say the main challenge – this week is to use what clean wool I have as wisely as possible before I run out.

The Sunk Cost Fallacy And Art

Recently I’ve been thinking about the sunk cost fallacy and how it relates to art and artists.

The sunk cost fallacy is (in my own boiled-down definition) a misconception that drives us to hold on to bad investments because of the amount we’ve already invested.

7 Ways To Save Money On Art Supplies

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You need to save money on art supplies.

As much as we make art for love, we have to be practical at some point and factor in the cost of our materials; after all, this will affect the price we charge when we go on to sell our work, or at least, have an effect on the amount of work we are able to produce.

Studio Notes 25/10/19

It was a bit of anyone’s guess as to how this week would work out, but I can see the floor again and the way ahead.