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Studio Notes 01/08/20 – Designing A Steampunk Bathroom

Last week’s rubber press moulds yielded a strange, sticky-looking but poseable figure, but I wasn’t able to finish it enough to show. Instead, I thought I’d share how I spent the last few weeks designing a steampunk bathroom.

Studio Notes 25/07/20 – DIY Rubber Press Moulds

Our bathroom renovation is taking up most of my time, and next week it’ll take even more, so I wanted to try something that wouldn’t take too much attention but would help move my stop motion project along – making DIY rubber press moulds of my figure.

Studio Notes 18/07/20 – Filming A Crafsman Tribute

This was a “bitty” kind of creative week – doing a bit of this and a bit of that, and starting a bit of a big job when we began our bathroom renovation. Still, I had to make sure that I made time for filming a Crafsman tribute for his YouTube competition.

Studio Notes 11/07/20 – Creating My First Font

After another week of rain and not being able to get on with my outdoor projects, I ended up churning over ideas in front of my laptop, and that’s how I suddenly found myself unexpectedly creating my first font.

Studio Notes 04/07/20 – The Free Or Cheap Adobe CC Alternatives I Use

It seems as though everyone has a post about free or cheap Adobe CC alternatives, because that stuff is plain old expensive. So instead of copying someone else’s list, I thought I would focus on the ones I actually use and am planning to use, as well as the free or cheap design resources that have helped me.