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Studio Notes 11/01/20 – Making A Chalkboard Notebook

This week has been really satisfying, not just because I’ve been able to get into the studio, sit down and just make stuff, but I’ve actually been able to do some cool things – including making a chalkboard notebook as a kind of commission for myself .

Studio Notes 04/01/20 – Starting A Bullet Journal

Last week’s annual roundup showed me just how much I enjoy writing a weekly post, even if only for its own sake. Now I think I might make these shorter, and spend a little more time journalling offline as well.

Studio Notes 27/12/19

It really doesn’t seem as though a year has gone by since I started writing these weekly posts – well, the first one was written on the 4th of January this year, and while I didn’t know if it would be a good idea to generally ramble about my week, I thought that having a deadline might give me a kick up the butt.

It definitely did, but that wasn’t the only reason to write.

Studio Notes 20/12/19

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Every time I feel as though I’ve made a great leap forward with modelmaking, I realise I’ve got another mile or so to go. Still, I’ve made my very first rough version of a ball-jointed clay figure, so that’s some major progress to be pleased with.

Studio Notes 13/12/19

This week I lost my head.

The figure I carved down and built up into a female shape had been moulded whole in silicone, then the cast was cut up into parts ready to separate into limbs ready for assembling with ball-joints.

I’d sourced some cheap acetoxy cure silicone after running out in the middle of mould-making, and after a tedious journey to pick it up, sat down at my desk to get my figure’s pieces into place… but the head was nowhere to be found.