Can You Use Pure Sable Brushes With Oil Paint?
I use pure sable brushes for oil painting - here's my kit.

Can you use pure sable brushes with oil paint? I sure hope so, because I do! Seriously though, it seems as though every brush guide makes the blanket assumption that hog bristles are for oils and sable hairs are for watercolours. Unfortunately this just glides over the vast range of possibilities that paint holds out; […]

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Precedent, 2011 by Lee Devonish. Machine stitched thread drawing.

Precedent The story behind this drawing – a piece that is unique in my practice – is simple; it was made purely from a need to try. It was based on an old sketch I had done a decade before, and as I had changed so much in the intervening time, it felt fitting to […]

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First Look: NCC Creative Writing Course
Read my initial thoughts on NCC Home Learning's Creative Writing course.

First Look: NCC Creative Writing Course I’ve recently signed up for a Creative Writing course through NCC Online. I’ll be posting a full review later, but I just wanted to give my initial thoughts on the course setup, as it might be handy to compare to my opinion once I’ve finished the course. Reviewing a […]

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