Precedent, 2011 by Lee Devonish. Machine stitched thread drawing.

Precedent The story behind this drawing – a piece that is unique in my practice – is simple; it was made purely from a need to try. It was based on an old sketch I had done a decade before, and as I had changed so much in the intervening time, it felt fitting to […]

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First Look: NCC Creative Writing Course
Read my initial thoughts on NCC Home Learning's Creative Writing course.

First Look: NCC Creative Writing Course I’ve recently signed up for a Creative Writing course through NCC Online. I’ll be posting a full review later, but I just wanted to give my initial thoughts on the course setup, as it might be handy to compare to my opinion once I’ve finished the course. Reviewing a […]

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The Trouble With Tradition
Click on the image to read about the trouble with tradition, as I see it.

The trouble with tradition… as I see it. As artists or writers, we are taught conventions and traditions of thought and practice. In fact, I should go back to the start – as human beings, we’re taught to follow conventions and traditions. People  work well with established routes towards fixed outcomes because they’re efficient and […]

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Re: Presentation
Drawing reflected in a mirror. Lee Devonish.

Re: Presentation Is this my best side? For some artists, the attempt to package an image of themselves for the world can be maddening; for others, it may come as a natural extension of their practice. Performing the role of artist may be difficult for some because of the unclear nature of the boundaries of this role […]

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