Art And Money: Curated From Etsy

Art about money, curated from Etsy When I set out to assemble a selection of work from Etsy about art and money and every way they connect, I had no idea how hard it would be. There are some wonderful pieces but there are some that are… let’s be kind – less than wonderful. Still, […]

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Art And Money
Art & Money: why selling art is not selling out - an introduction to my new work about money.

Art and money. I’m an artist by training, but a writer as well. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and editing for personal finance blogs. If you’ve asked yourself why an artist should write a personal finance blog, ask yourself why not – why do we have to labour under the prevailing myth […]

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Foreign Exchange – Creating My Own Artist’s Currency
An artist's currency project by Lee Devonish.

Foreign Exchange – an artist’s currency I’ve been working on (ok, thinking about) my currency project, Foreign Exchange, for a few years now. Foreign Exchange refers to my experience of living between currencies. As a Barbadian, my country’s currency was tied to the US dollar at a rate of 2:1 – so there was always […]

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Haworth Annual Open 2017
The Haworth Annual Open 2017 at the Haworth Gallery, Accrington

The¬†Haworth Annual Open 2017 The preview for the Haworth Annual Open Exhibition was on Friday, September 29th. I couldn’t make it, but I did go the next day to see the exhibition and visit my selected pieces, Fight and At Rest.   This is the first year that I’ve entered the Haworth Annual Open, and […]

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