Studio Notes 11/09/19 - stabbing an uncompliant wooly ball looks like a Sisyphean task as it bounces back to its old shape: will I succeed at needlefelting?

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Although I don’t think I can claim to have made great strides with my art this week, I’ve been making attempts to keep the giant wooly ball in the air.

My cat used his first opportunity to get back into my studio since last week’s banishment to topple an entire table’s worth of stuff onto the floor, and he’s barred again.

It’s just not making me yearn to get in there again, now that my first task is going to have to be excavation.

The Sisyphean task of stabbing a wool ball

As soon as I think I’m getting somewhere with this weird wooly ball thing, it bounces back into the shapeless shape it wants to be. I think I might have gotten somewhere had I actually spent any significant time on it over the past week, but honestly I’ve just been tickling it on and off for a few minutes here and there.

For most of the past week I’ve been on an absolute roll with Homely Economics – creating new Pinterest images, scheduling them to Tailwind*, polishing up old posts and writing new ones. It’s made me very happy, actually; slightly appalled at how out-of-date some of them were, but very happy to have gotten so much done.

I’ll commit to my needlefelt monster next week, I promise… if I don’t get where I want to be by then, I might just have to re-work my strategy, or put it into a hot wash in the machine one more time and see if it shrinks down to a more compliant shape.

I shall prevail.


Delight in someone else’s downfall – it’s not a good look for those of us who try to tread in the path of light, is it? But what about when it’s absolutely hilarious and steeped in irony? Am I allowed then?

Technically not, but it’s still my cryptic word of the week.

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