I love finding typefaces that pair up with a particular artistic medium or style – it feels like the perfect marriage between visual language and the written word.

The right typeface can bolster your brand as an artist, so it’s worth thinking about the fonts you use – here are some fonts for painting and painters.

Typefaces for artists: fonts for painting

Typefaces for painters can reflect the quality of the brushwork, the style of paint spatter, or just provide a vehicle for layering colour.

Brush-style fonts are pretty common, but not all are created equal. I’ve chosen some fonts for painting that evoke different painterly styles – hopefully you’ll find one for you.

Opulent + SVG Font

Opulent - typeface like watercolour painting

Opulent is a script font package that comes in three styles:

  • Opulent SVG font that allows you to render your lettering in lush watercolour brush strokes
  • Opulent Brush font, which gives you a ragged edge and classic dry-brushy look
  • Opulent Solid font, which gives a smooth edge to the text, reminiscent of a more liquid paint effect

So three fonts in the package for $20 is pretty stellar.

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Express Yourself Font + Bonus

Express Yourself font | enamel paint font

Express Yourself is definitely a fun typeface – made by dripping enamel paint, it really stands out amongst all the brush fonts.

This font would be great for branding anyone working with drip art or pour painting styles – or anything that needs a wild, expressive flavour. It actually reminds me of ceramic slips!

At only $5, it’s a steal.

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Casual Brush Typeface

Casual brush font | paint marker font

Casual Brush is a handwriting typeface that combines some internal breaking with lots of smooth lines. It does have an elegance about it, but is very informal and easy-going. A bit more illustration mixed into your painting practice, you could say.

What makes this so interesting is the sheer amount of variety you get in the combinations of over 600 ligature pairs and two stylistic alternates – there’s a lot in this package.

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Drip – Liquid Font

Drip Liquid font | paint font

I love the look of this typeface – fat, luscious and happy! It does just what the name suggests – calls up paint’s liquid nature with a heap of added style.

It’s begging to be used as a logo, but this font could easily lend itself to lots of other applications.

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Blackhawk Brush Font

Blackhawk Brush font | fonts for painting

Blackhawk seems to me to be the epitome of an edgy dry-brush typeface: all slanted, stabby points and ragged edges, and all caps. It’s fast, urgent and instantly gives you that street vibe.

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Mr. Poster – SVG Brush Font

Mr. Poster SVG brush font | fonts for painting

Mr. Poster is one of those incredibly memorable typefaces – show-stealing and full of character. I absolutely love it!

It’s a bit more limited than others on the list as there aren’t as many alternates available, but it still does its job. Made using acrylic paint on transparency, this font is at its best in its SVG version, but the solid vector version will still impress.

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Tooth & Nail Dry Brush Font

Tooth & Nail dry brush font | fonts like paint

Tooth & Nail is a gorgeous handwritten dry brush typeface with an upright habit that plays into its down-to-earth appeal.

If you’re looking for a way to convey down-home trustworthiness and creativity, this is the package for you – and there are extra paint splatters and more included as vectors, which is always cool.

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Total Rage – Brush SVG Font

Total Rage Brush SVG font | paint fonts

Total Rage is a font with absolutely unbelievable texture and tons of energy built into it. Gestural painting and expressionism have found their mouthpiece here!

While the SVG’s transparency is undeniably the star of the show, the vector version’s solidity makes this look totally brutal… in a good way.

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A selection of paints!

So I’ve managed to find a selection that matched watercolour, enamel, acrylic, paint marker and gouache… and some that just evoke paint’s liquidity. Which was your favourite?

Fonts for painting