Other People’s Hair
What is it about other people's hair? The grass is always greener and the hair is always better on the other side.

“I like other people’s hair better than mine.” Isn’t it always the way? What’s the weird compulsion to straighten our hair when it’s curly, or curl it when it’s straight? A lot of the time we’re fighting against our genetic nature: striving to differentiate ourselves from our immediate peers. We put on a style to […]

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Inheritance: The Search For My Mother’s Father – Part 3
A look into what my maternal family lineage holds turns up some unwelcomed surprises.

Inheritance: The Search For My Mother’s Father – Part 3 (Start here – part 1) For all of the talk of my missing grandfather, you might have formed the impression that my grandmother’s side of the family was an open book. It isn’t. Christ Church to St. Andrew To me, the Devonish family sprawled outward […]

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The Trouble With Tradition
Click on the image to read about the trouble with tradition, as I see it.

The trouble with tradition… as I see it. As artists or writers, we are taught conventions and traditions of thought and practice. In fact, I should go back to the start – as human beings, we’re taught to follow conventions and traditions. People  work well with established routes towards fixed outcomes because they’re efficient and […]

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Lament For Wining Past

Getting older is never easy. I was reminded of the inevitability of aging as I was happily bussin’ a wine to Arrow singing “Long Time”… although to be specific, it wasn’t so much the wining that was my undoing as the jumping up and down to the bit where he goes “oh oh, long time!” […]

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Lab Rat Lee
What is gallium used for in everyday life? Playing Terminator, of course!

Buying gallium with pocket money… One of the amazing things about having a child is finding yourself wrapped up in their hobbies – interests that seem to come out of nowhere and sometimes fade away as quickly as they appear​, but give you a glimpse of the personalities they’re growing. I love the fact that my […]

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