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Studio Notes 25/10/19

It was a bit of anyone’s guess as to how this week would work out, but I can see the floor again and the way ahead.

Studio Notes 18/10/19

It got even worse – after the cat knocked over my stacks of trimmings and fringe and turned them into a multicoloured noodle soup on the floor, a bipedal domestic denizen came along and added to the chaos by knocking over another storage table.

Studio Notes 11/10/19

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Although I don’t think I can claim to have made great strides with my art this week, I’ve been making attempts to keep the giant wooly ball in the air.

Studio Notes 04/10/19

Exactly two weeks ago, I went to the hospital and received a diagnosis. I wasn’t ready to talk about it then, but it seems like it’s time to have a go…

Studio Notes 27/09/19

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Ever get that feeling when you want to run away from the monstrous mess you’ve created, but you can’t, because you’ve filled every room with wool?

Just me then?