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Unusual Gifts For Artists & Tips For Buying Artists’ Gifts

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I like unusual gifts for artists – things that can raise a smile while saying, “I know what you’re into.”

It’s hard to find just the right gift for the artist in your life, isn’t it? If you buy art supplies, you’ve got to make sure it’s something they either need or are interested in, and that it isn’t going to be insulting because it’s below their skill level, and that can be hard to gauge. Here are some weird gifts for artists, picked by me, with tips for buying the right gift.

Studio Notes 25/10/19

It was a bit of anyone’s guess as to how this week would work out, but I can see the floor again and the way ahead.

Studio Notes 18/10/19

It got even worse – after the cat knocked over my stacks of trimmings and fringe and turned them into a multicoloured noodle soup on the floor, a bipedal domestic denizen came along and added to the chaos by knocking over another storage table.

Studio Notes 11/10/19

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Although I don’t think I can claim to have made great strides with my art this week, I’ve been making attempts to keep the giant wooly ball in the air.

Studio Notes 04/10/19

Exactly two weeks ago, I went to the hospital and received a diagnosis. I wasn’t ready to talk about it then, but it seems like it’s time to have a go…