Rosemary & Co Pure Sable Brushes

New Rosemary & Co brushes! New brushes are always a huge treat for me, but I finally let rip and bought myself a set of pure sable brushes from Rosemary & Co. I’ve only discovered them recently (last to know, it seems) and I love them.   Sable brushes with oil paint I’m using them […]

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Other People’s Hair
What is it about other people's hair? The grass is always greener and the hair is always better on the other side.

“I like other people’s hair better than mine.” Isn’t it always the way? What’s the weird compulsion to straighten our hair when it’s curly, or curl it when it’s straight? A lot of the time we’re fighting against our genetic nature: striving to differentiate ourselves from our immediate peers. We put on a style to […]

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The Art Technician – 18
This week I've been busy cutting paper, carting boxes and sorting out stock.

Hey there! Thanks for visiting this blog post. I’ve set this series aside for my Patreon patrons only – so if you’d like to read this and the rest of the series, and support my artwork, please sign up on Patreon!   Visit Patreon page  

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Inheritance: The Search For My Mother’s Father – Part 3
A look into what my maternal family lineage holds turns up some unwelcomed surprises.

Inheritance: The Search For My Mother’s Father – Part 3 (Start here – part 1) For all of the talk of my missing grandfather, you might have formed the impression that my grandmother’s side of the family was an open book. It isn’t. Christ Church to St. Andrew To me, the Devonish family sprawled outward […]

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