The Fire
The Fire by Lee Devonish - Flash fiction | short story | marriage | domestic violence

The Fire     She shivered as the hot water ran through her hair and down her body, turning grey with soot and ash at her feet.   The smell was invasive,  thick and choking. It stuck to her skin and scratched her throat, and she coughed with huge gasping sobs. Did he? Her hands shook […]

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Visual Research & Working Methodologies – An Essay
Visual Research And Working Methodologies was a module completed as part of my BA in Fine Art - here's the essay produced for it.

Visual Research and Working Methodologies: An Essay The following text has been adapted from my student essay for the “Visual Research and Working Methodologies” module of my BA (Hons) top-up course undertaken in 2011. Looking back over student work is a curious exercise; it feels strange to have communicated so earnestly, and so formally at […]

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A Manifesto For Contemporary Realism
How I define contemporary realism in relation to my art practice - and how that relates to 'traditional' figuration.

A Manifesto For Contemporary Realism: Recording for history, creating diagrams of the day to day. In recording animate objects, there inevitably comes the knowledge that they will eventually become inanimate… I enjoy the idea of representing life to celebrate life. This is my visual recording. I am highly aware of working within a European tradition, […]

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An unexpected encounter in Waterloo Underpass with Sue Hubbard's poem "Eurydice" inspired this piece of writing.

Waterloo In the evening I walked through the subway towards the station.   I saw the writing on the wall, and realised I had walked into a poem. One that was meant to be commenced at my destination. For those going towards the city. Pointless to read, but I glanced nonetheless. I would not have […]

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Little Bee – A Book Review
Little Bee by Chris Cleave: a review

Little Bee / The Other Hand by Chris Cleave – a review. Little Bee is a 16 year old Nigerian refugee whose story begins long before we hear her voice in a British immigration detention centre. Somewhere in the past, the thread of her tale has become inextricably knotted with that of a middle class […]

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