How To Name Your Blog Without Sounding Like A Fool
How to name your blog without sounding like a fool.

Pssst – this title is an example of negative bias in action! Let’s face it, you’ve got enough to worry about with the whole blogging thing. I did warn you about how much work it was going to be when I told you why you probably shouldn’t start a blog, but you’re determined, so let’s pick a […]

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Creating A Blog With A Global Presence
Creating a blog with a global presence.

SEO has developed monumentally over the past few years. It is no longer considered to be merely a beneficial practice but more of a necessity for businesses who want to excel in the modern day, and there are lots of different SEO strategies available. A good SEO plan is one that incorporates an array of […]

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How Bloggers Fake Popularity (And How You Can Do It Too)
How bloggers fake popularity, and how you can do it too... although you might not want to.

How bloggers fake popularity (and how you can do it too – although you might not want to) Are those influencers as influential as they seem? Once you’ve been around the online publishing world for a while, you’ll realise that not everything is as it seems. Brands want to work with popular bloggers, and bloggers […]

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