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Studio Notes 06/09/19

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There’s a particular kind of emotional attachment that I feel about my websites. I don’t know if other artists feel the same way, or if it’s just because I’ve spent so much time labouring over them; anyway, they’re more to me than just a shopfront or a way to make money from words.

Digital Marketing For Artists – Is Buffer Any Good For Pinterest?

This post contains affiliate links, marked by an *

Pinterest is one of the essential marketing platforms that I’d recommend to visual artists. I’ve been using a manual pinning method for some time now, but I needed to upgrade to a scheduler to be able to manage my multiple accounts.

Tailwind is purpose-made for Pinterest, but I found it too expensive for what I wanted – managing three Pinterest accounts and Instagram as well.

So I tried Buffer. Was it any good for Pinterest?

Studio Notes 09/08/19

This post contains affiliate links, marked with an *

When I think about writing up my creative activities for this blog, it’s always focused on the visual art side, because that’s how I mainly see myself.

When I talk about my writing here, it’s always focused on the creative writing or maybe critical essays, and even when I mention the journals I’ve published so far I don’t link to them because they belong in a non-art genre.

But this week my other writing career got a major shot in the arm, and took me off on the crest of a wave that’ll probably last for at least another week and pay off hugely for a long time to come. So far this week I have:

  • Switched email newsletter providers
  • Created email autoresponders and new embedded forms and pop-ups
  • Designed several new pin templates in GIMP
  • Signed up for Tailwind*
  • Bought a Socialbee lifetime subscription through AppSumo*
  • Joined several new affiliate programs
  • Refreshed and re-published several older articles

Often whilst balancing a cat on my lap. Oh, and I’ve experimented with copper-leafing a pair of shoes. Seriously.

What kicked it off?

Not entirely sure. Something started it – my guess would be finally committing to pay for Tailwind and accepting that I’d have to make some better images to make that investment worthwhile – and then I realised how very out-of-date a lot of my articles were, and how much better my entire publishing business could be if I just woke up and pulled my finger out.

Sometimes you just get into a rut with a creative business, and there’s nothing like parting with some money to create enough pain to snap you back into action!

So my big blog will get the benefit first, and then I’ll overhaul this one once that’s ticking over.

Copper leaf on shoes?

Well, it doesn’t hurt to try. I have a cat who particularly likes new shoes… he specifically likes to scratch them to bits.

I thought I might as well have a go at rescuing a pair that fell victim to his claws. Of course, being an art materials hoarder, I had one single sheet of metal leaf left from a sculpture I made in 2003, and the little bottle of leaf size to go with it.

Will it look good? That’s subjective, and high fashion doesn’t usually mind looking dreadful, if we’re telling the truth.

Will it stick? Now that’s something I’ll have to answer after the weekend.

Last week

Next week

Studio Notes 09/08/19

The Importance Of Having A Blog For Your Business

When you run an online business – or even an offline business – being able to get your name out there and market yourself effectively is a huge part of everything you do.

If you’re not able to market yourself, then you’re going to find it really difficult to remain in business for any length of time and will soon find yourself burned out, not enjoying what you’re doing and not having any clients or money come in.

Many business owners make the mistake of believing that simply putting up a website and some social media pages is going to be enough to bring clients in, but that’s just the beginning – you have to be actively bringing people to those places so that you can show your expertise.

So, if you’ve never considered having a blog for your business before or you simply don’t know where to get started, then in this post we’re going to consider the importance of having one.

It builds authority:

When you have a blog for your business where you’re regularly posting content, then you’re going to be able to build authority around whichever topic you’re writing about, and being seen as an authority in business is ultimately what will help build trust with your audience and lead them to eventually buy from you, so having a blog for this reason is very important especially if you’re looking to make money from it in any way.

If you’re not sure if your business will be able to create a blog with enough content or what you should be writing about, then take a look online at other blogs such as those like for inspiration.

It drives traffic:

Although generating organic traffic from your blogging efforts will take a bit of time, the great thing about being consistent with the content you post is that you will start being able to rank higher in Google over time so as long as you’re creating original and useful content that’s targeting the right keywords that your audience are searching for, then you’re going to find that you’ll be driving traffic over time as people search for the terms used on your site.

You own the content:

As much as social media is a truly wonderful tool for growing your business and marketing yourself, the fact is that none of us own social media and the content on there technically belongs to the platform we’re posting it on.

This means that, for example if Facebook or Instagram were to go out of business tomorrow, not only would your audience go with them, but your content would as well, so it’s important that you have other places where you’re connecting with your audience, such as through your blog and email list.

You can repurpose the content:

Just because you’ve posted something once doesn’t mean that everyone has seen it, so as you grow your business and more people are coming into your audience it’s tempting to think that you need to be creating only new content, but if you think it’s useful then you can repurpose existing content to other formats such as podcasts, vlogs, and even e-books or courses that you can then sell for passive income.

Hopefully those points have convinced you that blogging is essential for your business – have a look at some of my other blogging-related articles for more helpful information.

The importance of having a blog for your business

Photos by from Pexels, altered by Lee Devonish

Blogging For Artists

Over the past few years I’ve built up an online publishing business by trial and error, and have ended up in the strange situation where I earn more from blogging than I do from my art!

There’s a lot of good, free advice out there, but unfortunately there’s just as much biased, low-quality information floating around as well.

It can be even more difficult to separate the general advice from the information that will be genuinely helpful to artists – specifically those working in a fine art practice.

There’s also the issue of several cognitive biases at play which means that the market becomes saturated with people barking the same things in the same space for the same reason, simultaneously creating the impression that blogging is something that everyone can do and should be doing, and that everyone who does becomes successful.

Neither of those statements is true.

You want to be a professional artist, not a professional blogger.

When taking in any advice, ask yourself how it will enhance your goal of promoting your art.

You may well find that professional art blogging actually is for you, but that should be a conscious decision. Lots of artists get overwhelmed at all of the technical aspects of blogging and digital marketing and decide that it’s too much for them. Just take the basics that will work for you and run with them, and leave the rest behind.

The benefits and pitfalls of blogging for artists


  • Search engine optimisation and link building can help your website get found
  • Blogging can build authority
  • A blog can provide an additional passive income stream


  • Blogging can consume your limited time and focus
  • Most blogging advice is geared towards different industries, and can appear out-of-place on a fine art blog
  • You may end up sounding like everyone else!

Should you start a blog for your art practice?

I do believe that you should.

The discipline of art blogging in itself can do a lot for your art practice, providing structure, motivation and a way to track processes.

Still, if it seems like too much right now, you should have a well-presented static website with the option to add blog posts at a later date.

Find out how to get a cheap or free domain name and website here.

There’s a lot to cover here, so this post will be updated regularly with links to new articles.

Some blogging topics I’ve discussed:

Use the links above to jump to pages on that topic.

Why you probably shouldn’t start a blog

Blogging can be exactly what you need to enable you to work from home or supplement your creative practice. I do wish I’d taken it up years ago. Yet, that doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to commit the time and energy to regular online publishing, and that’s ok.

For those who need an online presence but can’t commit to blogging, a static website is a good step.

How to name your blog without sounding like a fool

It’s not as serious as naming your child, but it still requires some thought. Translating real-world concepts to the online world takes just that bit more consideration than some give it.

How bloggers fake popularity (and you can do it too)

In an industry ruled by the appearance of influence, vanity metrics have taken over as king. The problem is, they don’t tell the full story.

The psychology of blog post titles: how being mean gets you readers

Our brains are wired to respond curiously towards negging, and the best (and meanest) publishers know just how to pull your strings.

Why do so many blogs look the same?

In a risk-averse industry populated by relative amateurs, visual hegemony is inevitable.

Rise of the bots: why your auto dms on Twitter aren’t fooling anyone

Feeling pressured to be everywhere at once? Welcome to blogging. Here’s why handing the front desk over to a bot isn’t always a good idea.

Is blogging worth it for artists?

I believe it certainly is worth it for an artist to start a blog. It can be a brilliant way to promote your business and supplement your income, all whilst wearing your pyjamas, if you so desire.

However, it can be a massive time-suck, and it can easily derail you into becoming a full-time blogger instead of a full-time artist!

As with everything, it’s best to go into it with your eyes wide open. I hope this helps you to do just that!