Why You Probably Shouldn’t Start A Blog
Lots of people may be telling you to start your own blog, but think carefully about the pros and cons. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't start a blog.

Why you probably shouldn’t start a blog You’ve been clicking around the internet, looking at how you can start your own blog, but now you want to know if there are any reasons why you shouldn’t start a blog. Hello! There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t start a blog – where should I […]

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Resources For Creating Your Artist’s Website
Resources for creating your own website - the tools I use personally and recommend.

Resources for creating and promoting your artist’s (or whatever kind of) website: After realising that my most popular blog post on this site has nothing to do with my art, I did a teeny bit of moping. Then I got over it. I understood that there are people just like me out there, searching in the […]

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