Studio Notes 06/09/19 - I've spent the week managing my web hosting migration and installing a new WordPress theme - what blog upgrades will I make next?

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There’s a particular kind of emotional attachment that I feel about my websites. I don’t know if other artists feel the same way, or if it’s just because I’ve spent so much time labouring over them; anyway, they’re more to me than just a shopfront or a way to make money from words.

That’s why I tend to wig out when it comes time to move web hosts. It’s always been an incredibly tense time for me, and since I actually have started making money from my words, it’s even more stressful.

I eventually chose Namecheap for my hosting* with their Stellar Plus package, which I’m extremely happy with. No more 504 errors and very helpful (and patient) support staff.

New host, new start

It’s like punctuating the steady flow of life. New host? Time to install a new theme and tart things up a bit. Take a chance or two. This week has been a bit draining – all of my energy has gone into staring at my laptop and hitting refresh – but I also feel extremely hopeful.

I didn’t help myself by spending a day messing around with a new theme and learning a new website builder plugin before my DNS records had fully populated, meaning that after hours of redesigning and refining, I woke up the next day to find that everything had reverted!

That’s not so big a deal, as I know what to do and I’ll get around to it over the weekend. The only thing is, now that my theme is polished and almost just how I want it, a lot of my images appear really, really sub-par.

Of course, they were before, but they didn’t stick out like a hammered thumb! That’s the Diderot effect in action for you.

I’ll get back to work on that as soon as I can – after all, if I can write about branding for artists, I can very well get my own butt in gear – but for now I just want to feel pleased with having weathered this week of blog migration!

Anyway, check out this post on blogging for artists if you’re after more info.

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Studio Notes 06/09/19
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