Male Muscle Studies – Charcoal Sketches
These charcoal drawings are now available on Etsy!

Male figure artworks – new charcoal sketches available. I’ve released some charcoal sketches in my “muscle study” range direct to my Etsy store. I’m quite pleased with these drawings – they’re simple but convey a sense of elegance combined with power… and the power of transformation.   All of these drawings are mounted to A5 […]

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Can You Use Pure Sable Brushes With Oil Paint?
I use pure sable brushes for oil painting - here's my kit.

Can you use pure sable brushes with oil paint? I sure hope so, because I do! Seriously though, it seems as though every brush guide makes the blanket assumption that hog bristles are for oils and sable hairs are for watercolours. Unfortunately this just glides over the vast range of possibilities that paint holds out; […]

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Jenny’s Homemade Walnut Ink
Self portrait done with Jenny's homemade walnut ink.

Jenny’s walnut ink   My friend Jenny has made her own ink from walnuts she gathered herself in Italy – how romantic is that? She very kindly brought me some to try, and I did a little bit of drawing the other night.       Jenny’s ink is a mid-brown, but Nick Neddo’s book […]

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Art And Money: Curated From Etsy

Art about money, curated from Etsy When I set out to assemble a selection of work from Etsy about art and money and every way they connect, I had no idea how hard it would be. There are some wonderful pieces but there are some that are… let’s be kind – less than wonderful. Still, […]

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Art And Money
Art & Money: why selling art is not selling out - an introduction to my new work about money.

Art and money. I’m an artist by training, but a writer as well. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and editing for personal finance blogs. If you’ve asked yourself why an artist should write a personal finance blog, ask yourself why not – why do we have to labour under the prevailing myth […]

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