The Art Of Bodybuilding
The art of bodybuilding | bodybuilder art and visual culture

Bodybuilder art / art about bodybuilding You’ll often hear bodybuilding described by its practitioners and admirers as an art form. Naturally, the medium frequently referenced is sculpture; it’s often invoked in the way that developing certain muscles is referred to as “sculpting”, and it leans on the languages of ancient nude statuary and the Neoclassical […]

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Don’t Buy This: The Irony Of Selling Anti-Consumerist Art 
Don't Buy This: the irony of selling anti-consumerist art.

Don’t buy this: the irony of selling anti-consumerist art I’ve always considered myself to be in the anti-consumerism camp, but gradually, I started to question myself.  As I started to lean towards selling my work (or at least considering making some new art for sale, something I had not wanted to do for a long […]

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Is It Printmaking or Drawing? Art Between Boundaries
Print drawings are the overlap between drawing, handwriting, painting and printmaking. The printmaking or drawing process involves repetition and creates art between boundaries.

Is it printmaking or drawing? And does it matter? I’ve made a number of text-based paintings, which I like to describe as the result of thinking about trying not to think too hard. Not thinking too hard is nearly impossible for me, so as an exercise these works were fantastic!   A loose process, tightly […]

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Male Muscle Studies – Charcoal Sketches
These charcoal drawings are now available on Etsy!

Male muscle studies – new charcoal sketches available. I’ve released some charcoal sketches in my “muscle study” range direct to my Etsy store. I’m quite pleased with these drawings – they’re simple but convey a sense of elegance combined with power… and the power of transformation.   All of these drawings are mounted to A5 […]

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Jenny’s Homemade Walnut Ink
Self portrait done with Jenny's homemade walnut ink.

Jenny’s walnut ink   My friend Jenny has made her own ink from walnuts she gathered herself in Italy – how romantic is that? She very kindly brought me some to try, and I did a little bit of drawing the other night.       Jenny’s ink is a mid-brown, but Nick Neddo’s book […]

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