Rosemary & Co Pure Sable Brushes

New Rosemary & Co brushes! New brushes are always a huge treat for me, but I finally let rip and bought myself a set of pure sable brushes from Rosemary & Co. I’ve only discovered them recently (last to know, it seems) and I love them.   Sable brushes with oil paint I’m using them […]

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Jenny’s Homemade Walnut Ink
Self portrait done with Jenny's homemade walnut ink.

Jenny’s walnut ink   My friend Jenny has made her own ink from walnuts she gathered herself in Italy – how romantic is that? She very kindly brought me some to try, and I did a little bit of drawing the other night.       Jenny’s ink is a mid-brown, but Nick Neddo’s book […]

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The Art Technician – 26
The Art Technician - episode 26. Filling in the gaps and helping with collographs.

Hey there! Thanks for visiting this blog post. I’ve set this series aside for my Patreon patrons only – so if you’d like to read this and the rest of the series, and support my artwork, please sign up on Patreon! Visit Patreon page

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Art And Money: Curated From Etsy
Artworks about money, selected from Etsy - perfect gifts for personal finance fans!

Art about money, curated from Etsy When I set out to assemble a selection of work from Etsy about art and money and every way they connect, I had no idea how hard it would be.   There are some wonderful pieces but there are some that are… let’s be kind – less than wonderful. […]

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