The best spam comments on my blog this week. As much as I hate to see the English language mangled by comment spammer, sometimes they come up with comedy gold.

The very best spam comments on my blogs this week.

I publish a number of websites, and this inevitably means pruning a lot of comments from my spam filters. Most are vile, if I’m honest, but some are silly enough to crack a smile.

Comment spam must be the bane of internet publishing, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon, so here are some gems that Akismet vacuumed up for me this week.

Marmot day.

“Tired of debts and loans? I’m tired of working for my uncle? Every weekday reminds you of marmot day?”

Well, I say… this one surprised me. I was genuinely wondering if I’d missed celebrating marmot day this year. This has got to be the best spam comment I’ve had so far, though – I gained an education about rodents and public holidays, which I certainly wouldn’t have gone in search of.

I wonder what this guy’s uncle’s business is about, though; if it’s not marmot wrangling, I’d be disappointed.


Whooo hoo!

“Whooo hoo! That is fantastic news!! THANK YOU for trying it and sharing this lovely review.”

It wasn’t a review post. But glad I got you excited.


Link exchange

“Link exchange is nothing else except it is only placing the other person’s website link on your page at suitable place and other person will also do same in support of you.”

This isn’t groundbreaking information, but the dude then proceeded to leave the longest list of links I’ve ever seen – all for prescription drugs. I put this comment in a suitable place on my site, of course: the bin.


Liposuction costs in case you lose your tough copy.

“You know about them as quickly as yet sent to you, an individual even have digital copies of everything in case you lose a tough copy.
You may choose liposuction costs them pertaining to your computer or phone, or to print them out.”

I can only imagine this is a product of Google Translate, but seeing how many spam comments are left in Cyrillic, I might be missing out on stacks of comedy gold… so thanks, weird spam dude, for attempting English.

Go on then…

You must have come across some spam clangers yourself. Any to share?

Even more spam – week #2

6 thoughts to “The Best Spam Comments On My Blogs This Week

  • Catherine

    Love it! I get some good ones, but I’ve never thought to have more than a quick giggle and hit the trash button!

  • Alex J Brown Creative

    Lol, wow. This made me laugh, it’s all you can do when people get spammy! Or spambots.

    Alex J Brown

  • Catherine

    Love it! I get some good ones, but I’ve never thought to have more than a quick giggle and hit the trash button!

  • Chevelle

    These are so funny. I have no idea where they come up with this stuff!

  • Kathryn

    Brilliant! When I started a personal blog, I was under the delusion that my writing was hugely popular. Then I saw the spam-o-matic patterns. My best was “Your writing is rif (sic) with spelling errors” to which I replied deary, boredom is rife in your life. Keep up the good work Lee!

    • Lee

      Great reply Kathryn! I love the irony in some of it, it’s a shame it’s utterly wasted on the spammers though. 🙂


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