Writing forms a key part of my work, alongside my visual art.

I enjoy writing critical essays as well as fiction, and have worked to combine these (with strange, although undeniably interesting results). Some of my art writing and essays are published as blog posts, with some to be released as books in the future.


Titles in production include a graphic novel with an as-yet undetermined title and “The Thought That Counts” – a consideration of hierarchical dualisms in Western thought.

Click here for my blog.


I’m also the publisher of a discrete blog concerned with money and finance. Besides this I run other websites of my own, and serve as an editor and contributor for several other sites… yes, I’m busy.



If you’d like to commission a post, article or essay, please see my “work with me” page to download my media kit with rates.

I also provide editing services for authors and online publishers – here’s some of what I do:

  • Book/Essay proofreading
  • Website proofreading
  • Dissertation editing
  • Blog-to-book editing


How much will it cost? Well, I know we all love free stuff from the internet, but folks gotta eat.

Proofreading: £10 per 1000 words, £10 minimum.

Editing: £15 per 1000 words, £15 minimum.


To book or just discuss your project, email lee@leedevonish.com.