I love the idea of creating unique works of art that are, at the same time, identical to others. There’s something familial about an edition of prints – something about the way we humans are also original copies.

Making prints in 3d and 2d

I used to work in ceramics, obsessed with slipcasting perfect multiples.

Printmaking appeals to me in the same way that cast multiples do, as I like to think about the idea of the repetition being more important than the material it’s presented in. Within my works you may find sculptures that are prints and prints that are paintings.


Printmaking methods

I produce screen prints, lino prints, woodcuts, and make casts in a variety of materials. I also like to “print by repetition” – cutting paper, repeating handwriting – and to cast sculptures in clay and other materials.


Small print editions

I rarely create an edition larger than 10 prints; within editions there will often be an element of variation to subvert the concept of an identical print.

Print variations

Identical, yet different, is the theme I like to apply to my printmaking practice. Varying a print run to split it into different works is how I like to express my understanding of making a print.


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