Naturally, as a representational artist, drawing is the underlying basis of my practice. Besides drawing in charcoal and graphite pencil, I’m particularly fond of the process of using pen & ink.


Drawing media

I like to extend the concept of drawing wherever I can, which is why I often branch out into drawing with thread or other variations of mark making.

Applying the concept of drawing to the broader graphic imprint is what led me to experiment with a type of handwriting monoprint crossed with watercolour painting.


Drawing styles

I enjoy the rough texture of charcoal studies and believe these have as much intrinsic beauty of my finer work. However, I’ve always been in love with the fine, sinuous quality of continuous line drawing.

Conveying the sense of a subject by delineating only his outer form is a minimalist approach that carries a lot of weight without any threat of fussiness.



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