Money Art – art about money & value

In 2014 I started to study money in conceptual as well as practical terms.

This led to developing an alternate identity as a personal finance blogger, but also to wanting to find a way to integrate my disparate fields of interest into my artwork.

Money as an artistic concept

Money as a concept is utterly fascinating, as it sends out so many barbed roots into our collective consciousness, informing us as to what is valuable and shaping (or skewing) our morality – but it also makes perfect sense that I would turn to examining another ‘shortcode’ for power, as money is often associated with masculinity, another concept that my work focuses on.

Our uneasy relationship with money

Just mention money and you’ll be misunderstood by most people – your motives may seem fishy and your cred as a serious artist be called into question. Yet this is exactly why art about money is so powerful and unsettling, and needs to be explored.

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