Muse 4.3 (The Ear)
Muse 4.3 Oil on board painting by Lee Devonish, 2012. Click on the picture to read more about the story behind this painting.

Muse 4.3 (The Ear) I came up with the idea for the series of paintings that I’d call ‘The Muses’ whilst studying for my BA in Fine Art in 2012. Muse #4 was the subject of several paintings and drawings, but this one, 4.3, is one of my favourites.   Let’s face it – there’s […]

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Lament For Wining Past

Getting older is never easy. I was reminded of the inevitability of aging as I was happily bussin’ a wine to Arrow singing “Long Time”… although to be specific, it wasn’t so much the wining that was my undoing as the jumping up and down to the bit where he goes “oh oh, long time!” […]

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Lab Rat Lee
What is gallium used for in everyday life? Playing Terminator, of course!

Buying gallium with pocket money… One of the amazing things about having a child is finding yourself wrapped up in their hobbies – interests that seem to come out of nowhere and sometimes fade away as quickly as they appear​, but give you a glimpse of the personalities they’re growing. I love the fact that my […]

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Is Etsy Any Good For Selling Fine Art?
Is Etsy any good for selling fine art?

Is Etsy any good for selling fine art? There’s always so much to think about when it comes to practicing as an artist – will it be commissions, participatory work or studio based? If you’ve decided to create pieces for sale and then, to represent yourself as an artist, it still doesn’t necessarily make your […]

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Exhibitions – Stanley Spencer at the Hepworth
Stanley Spencer at the Hepworth Wakefield.

Stanley Spencer at the Hepworth I can’t claim to have ever been a fan of Stanley Spencer, or even aware of much more than his chapel paintings, but I wanted to go to this retrospective. For the most part, it was because I’ve been starved of a true gallery experience for years. Apart from that, […]

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