Postparoxysmal 1
Postparoxysmal 1 - watercolour on paper painting by Lee Devonish, 2014

Postparoxysmal 1 As its name suggests, this piece was the product of the aftermath of a fight.   The story Not long married, my husband and I had – to put it mildly – a bit of an explosive disagreement, which fortunately was resolved before too long. It made a longer lasting mark on his already […]

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Use Him
Use Him, soap sculpture by Lee Devonish

Use Him – soap sculpture installation, 2013 Use Him was a work that was intentionally… well, slippery. I’d hoped to make use of the sculptures I’d produced for my BA degree show in 2012, and I’d envisioned making a video of my soap and wax casts being used – washed away or melted. Soapy serendipity Whilst I […]

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