Studio Notes 06/12/19 - kitbashing has led me into looking closer at dollmaking and doll's clothes, and the inherent creepiness of tiny people.

This week’s detour has been a lot of fun, and sent me down a few research alleys that I didn’t expect (I never do expect them) but that will probably be useful for my other artworks.

In short, this week I made a mini-me.

Kitbashing is fun, but making tiny outfits is weird

My little plastic avatar got a little outfit made from my own clothes. I couldn’t let her make her debut totally starkers, could I?

Making a set of tiny clothes was probably the most entertaining, unexpected thing about this entire process.

I kept on thinking about the elves and the shoemaker for some reason. Still no small helpers cleaning up my house overnight though.

Getting the proportions right with clothes is tough, since they add a lot of bulk at the seams, so I’ll probably go back and make some more with as few flat top-stitched seams as possible.

Dolls have their own culture (and it’s kinda creepy)

It’s not just the whole uncanny valley thing, it’s the crossover between role play, fantasy, fetish and the dip between childishness and adulthood. Weirds me out.

I’m edging towards Tomoaki Suzuki’s little sculptures more than any doll artists, to be honest, but I also want to populate my new village with inhabitants made of as diverse a range of materials as I can. Maybe a tiny wool me next?

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Studio Notes 06/12/19