250 • Cast Pewter Coin




250 is a large, heptagonal solid cast pewter coin.

The oversized coin is a self-portrait and expression of authority, with the artist issuing currency in her own image.

This coin will be cast in limited quantities, and currently there are only two in existence – an artist’s proof, and this one, 1/1. As this is a handmade, cast metal artwork, imperfections are an integral part of the nature of the piece.



This print is a part of the Foreign Exchange series – a group of artworks about money, value and trust.

This piece sits squarely within the language of coinage, drawing directly from the Barbados dollar coin’s heptagonal shape and dotted ring motif. The shape also evokes the British 50p. The reverse side features a “coat of arms” style image consisting of a gouge, pencil, pen and paintbrush, which represent the tools of the artist’s trade.

The coin’s size – larger than the artist’s palm – takes it out of the ordinary and sets it aside as somewhat fantastical.



Solid pewter. See this blog post for more on how the cast pewter coin concept began to be developed in 2018 and this for further process in 2020.



12.5 cm wide.






This money artwork shares a common theme with the Promise prints, Fifty prints, as well as with the 100 print series.

Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 cm