Blogging – All The Things You Don’t Hear About The World Of Online Publishing

After investing a fair amount of time in learning the ins and outs of online publishing for profit, I can say that I have a good understanding of what professional blogging entails. There’s a lot of good, free advice out there, but the problem I’ve encountered is that there is far more biased, low-quality information floating around than the good stuff.

There’s also the issue of several cognitive biases at play which means that the market becomes saturated with people barking the same things in the same space for the same reason, simultaneously creating the impression that blogging is something that everyone can do and should be doing, and that everyone who does becomes successful.

Neither of those statements is true.

So let’s break it down into some blogging topics I believe should be discussed:

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Lots of people may be telling you to start your own blog, but think carefully about the pros and cons. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't start a blog.

Why you probably shouldn’t start a blog

Blogging can be exactly what you need to enable you to work from home or supplement your creative practice. I do wish I’d taken it up years ago. Yet, that doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to commit the time and energy to regular online publishing, and that’s ok.

For those who need an online presence but can’t commit to blogging, a static website is a good step.

How to name your blog without sounding like a fool

It’s not as serious as naming your child, but it still requires some thought. Translating real-world concepts to the online world takes just that bit more consideration than some give it.

How bloggers fake popularity (and you can do it too)

In an industry ruled by the appearance of influence, vanity metrics have taken over as king. The problem is, they don’t tell the full story.

The psychology of blog post titles: how being mean gets you readers

Our brains are wired to respond curiously towards negging, and the best (and meanest) publishers know just how to pull your strings.

Why do so many blogs look the same?

In a risk-averse industry populated by relative amateurs, visual hegemony is inevitable.

Rise of the bots: why your auto dms on Twitter aren’t fooling anyone

Feeling pressured to be everywhere at once? Welcome to blogging. Here’s why handing the front desk over to a bot isn’t always a good idea.

Blogging’s not all bad, is it?

Of course not! It’s marvelous! I do believe it’s a brilliant way to promote your business and supplement your income, all whilst wearing your pyjamas, if you so desire.

However, it’s best to go into everything with your eyes wide open. I hope this helps you to do just that!