How to get a domain name and website free for a year.

If you need a website to showcase your artwork or your design portfolio, this deal might just be perfect for you.

Now you can get a or .uk TLD free for one year.

And if you want to drive home the nature of your creative business, you can get a .design TLD or a .ink TLD for just $5 per year.

Both of these offers are from trusted registrars that I’ve used myself – Porkbun and

What’s a .design or .ink domain all about?

A domain that ends in .design or .ink functions the same way as a domain that ends in .com or .art.

Even though they may be ideal for designers, they’re not exclusive; there are lots of applicable uses for .ink and .design.

Ideas for .design and .ink websites

Having a .design or .ink TLD is great for:

  • graphic designers
  • illustrators
  • artists
  • fashion designers
  • interior decorators
  • tattoo artists
  • students promoting their portfolios or end of year shows
  • art schools showing off their courses
  • lifestyle bloggers

Extra perks

It’s not just having the domain for a year, though; the offer includes a free SSL certificate (so you’ll have a secure site with https) automatically with the website builder, which allows you to easily create a site and blog powered by Weebly in minutes.

This means that even if you feel daunted by WordPress or coding, you can still create a professional web presence, and fast!

I currently run this site on WordPress and definitely recommend it, but after trying to talk others through the process I concede that it’s not something that everyone is willing to tackle, as there is a learning curve to be navigated. If that extra investment of learning time isn’t something you can afford, then using the Weebly-powered website builder is a perfect option for you.

Click here to register your .design domain name.

Free websites

You can also register a or .uk website for free for one year through This is great for those who don’t feel as though .design is right for them. This offer provides a single static page for free with their Weebly website builder.

Again, compare to see which registrar is right for you, and take advantage of a fantastic deal for the first year of your blog!

Here's an offer that gives you a free domain name for a year, along with a free SSL certificate, website builder and email!