Studio Notes 31/05/19 - a dismal failure with Composimold casting, but a great week spent with the family and planning future portraits.

The last week has been fantastic – we’ve had a great time as a family and worn ourselves out traipsing around Lancashire. I made sure to get a few reference photos of Mum for a future portrait and as usual, she gave me instructions to magically erase a few decades.

A dismal failure with Composimold

I cut open the mold I made last week and found that although the disaster with the wax that I had anticipated hadn’t actually happened, another disaster took its place.

The paper and card form stuck to the Composimold and disintegrated. Maybe it was because it stayed in there for a few days… maybe if I’d have cut it out straight away it would have been alright.

So with my positive destroyed, I really needed the cast that came out of it to be a hit. Unfortunately, the wax melted the Composimold in parts, split the sides and lost lots of the detail. All of the modeling work from the last few weeks was wasted.

Right… next week I’m back to the grindstone I guess. This week I’m too busy to be upset about any of it.

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Studio Notes 31/05/19