If you want to achieve some measure of success, raising your profile as an artist is one of the most important things that you can do.

If you’re an artist who wants to achieve some measure of success, no matter how big it is, raising your profile is one of the most important things that you can do. People need to be able to recognize your art, as well as your name and (usually) face. Although a lot of people might not want to treat their art like a business, the reality is that you need to do that to some extent if your aim is to make money or be successful. You need to be able to promote yourself and your art to get the attention required to make sales and find success.

Creat an online presence

Everyone needs to be online these days if they want to raise their professional profile. Your art might look better in person, but being able to display it online is a must too.

However, it’s not just about showing people your art and what you’re capable of. Being online allows you to build a professional profile that helps you to reach many different people, from customers to gallery owners and agents. Creating an online presence through a website, social media or selling on third-party sites helps you to build a reputation and show what you stand for.

Write about your art

Being able to write well about your art and your process can give you an advantage when you want to raise your profile as an artist. It can give you the opportunity to tell meaningful stories connected to your art and life, and to use a different medium to promote yourself and your work. You might start off writing descriptions for your art or posting on social media, or perhaps writing blog posts.

You could even write a book about your art, running an art business, or your relationship with art. Writing about visual art can be tricky, but it’s useful to be able to explain your work to people.

Image by ivabalk on Pixabay

Connect with people

Connecting with people in different ways is important if you want to raise your profile. You need to be able to connect with different types of people, including those in the industry and fans and customers of your art.

Doing this online can be a good way to connect with a lot of people, but it’s helpful to make yourself known in public too. That might be through attending events or selling your art from your studio.

Get good at photography

Being able to show off your art requires you to make it available for people who might not be able to see it in person. Although people might be able to come and see and buy your art from you in person, it’s also necessary to have good photos that you can use online or even in print materials. A few basic photography skills can help you to raise your profile as an artist by putting your art in a good light.

Knowing how to market yourself is necessary if you want to make something of your art. Start building your profile to get more recognition.