Promise 15/25


Promise 15/25

Screenprint on cheque issued by Lloyds Bank, customisable in whatever denomination is required.



“Promise” is part of my Foreign Exchange project, where I create an artist’s currency and exchange it, rather than sell it in the conventional sense.

The artwork is made up of screen printed cheques, which are customised with the purchaser’s (payee’s) name and chosen amount.

I’ve created a limited edition of 25 printed cheques – this is the fifteenth of twenty-five.



Screenprint on cheque – ink and paper, mounted.



Cheques measure 7.6 cm high x 15.5 cm wide, and are mounted to A4 size.



This piece will be sent unframed – Framing may be purchased separately.


How the art currency project works:

Artwork created for the project takes the form of cheques and notes.


Notes are created with specific denominations (in limited editions).


Cheques are an even more personal form of exchange, as they must be written out to one individual, and that individual is free to request the amount they want the cheque to be made out for. (The minimum amount that a cheque can be written for is £25.)


These cheques cannot be exchanged (as they are customised artworks), but you can take your chances in paying them in to your bank… whether they will be honoured is a risk you would have to take, but then that would mean that the artwork and its value as an artwork above its base matter would be lost.


You may request to have the payee section of the cheque left blank.


Read more about the Foreign Exchange project here.