Art Supplies Haul – February 2019
Art supplies haul February 2019

I’ll get this out of the way – I spent absolutely nothing on art supplies in February. That’s not to say that I didn’t add anything to my substantial wish list, and neither does it mean that I didn’t receive any art materials either! Last month I finally got my last bottle of Jacquard Solarfast […]

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Art Supplies Haul – January 2019
Art supplies haul January 2019

First, let me talk about the language at play here: I love the idea of having so many art materials dropped on me that I have to haul them away. Strenuously dragging my swag back to my lair! In reality, most of the swag is delivered after clicking a button online, but never mind. The […]

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5 Potential Career Paths For Artists
5 Potential careers for artists

If you’re talented at art or design and you want to know what career paths are available as an artist, well you’ve certainly got a wide range of options available to you. Here are some potential careers you can pursue using your art degree or talent as an artist. Illustrator Even though the rise of […]

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