Where to buy oil paintings online

Few mediums carry the historical weight of oil painting. Buying a painting should mean something, as it’s an exchange of an artist’s labour and care – that’s why I think the best way to buy art is to buy directly from the artist. It just means more.

I’ve chosen to sell my own artwork online.

My paintings have centred around portraiture for the last 20 years. In that time I’ve moved from oil painting to watercolour, and now work in both equally. If you’re wondering where to buy my oil paintings online, I’ve made my work available in the paintings category of my shop.


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Fight, oil on paper painting by Lee Devonish, 2016
Fight. Oil on paper, 2016.



Options for buying fine art online

My store offers many of my original oil paintings, watercolours, prints, sculptures and drawings.

Many of these pieces are also available through my Etsy store.

Muscle Study 1 by Lee Devonish | oil on board. Oil painting of a bodybuilder | muscles and veins
Muscle Study 1, oil painting on board.


Muse 4.3 Oil on board painting by Lee Devonish
Muse 4.3, Oil on board. 2012.




Where to buy paintings locally – art for sale in Burnley, Lancashire

I’ve been based in the Burnley area for the past five years. Any work viewed in a local exhibition in Burnley, Accrington and surrounding areas in Lancashire can be purchased off-line and delivered free of charge.



Muse 4.4, oil painting on board by Lee Devonish, 2012
Muse 4.4. Oil on board, 2012.


Muse 4.2, Oil painting on board by Lee Devonish, 2012
Muse 4.2, Oil on board, 2012