Muse 4.3


Muse 4.3. – oil on board painting.

This painting, completed in 2012, comprised part of the Muses series which looked at the female gaze (or the very idea of the gendered gaze) and the male body.

This piece in particular was one of my favourites and I believe, one of the most successful paintings in the series, as the depiction of the disembodied body part suggests an imbalance of power in the viewing/viewed relationship.

We’re able to get far too close to this subject for comfort – strange, as an ear is a very “public” part of the body, but its vulnerability as an orifice is put on display in this image.

The painting will be shipped in a custom-made frame – this is complimentary and may serve as a placeholder frame for safety until framing can be arranged.

Measures 15cm x 20cm or 6″ x 8″. This will fit a standard 6 inch by 8 inch frame.

More about this piece and its background can be found here.