Barkley L. Hendricks: A Black Pop Artist?
Was Barkley L. Hendricks a "black pop artist"? How should we categorise his artwork today?

  Barkley L Hendricks: a black pop artist? This essay was written in 2011 as part of a program of academic study. I’d planned to publish it as it was, but sadly, Barkley L Hendricks passed away earlier this year, leading me to question whether to update it or not to reflect this. I decided […]

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Smoking Man
Read the story behind Smoking Man - Lime wood carving with paper and graphite, 2015. By Lancashire artist Lee Devonish.

Smoking Man: Lime Wood Carving, 2015.   There’s something a bit haunting and lonely about this piece. I purposefully meant for him to stand apart from everything I had been doing, as if he was the embodiment of the outsider. Unlike most of my figures, this is an allegorical figure, not an exact portrait of […]

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What I Paint – People, Portraits And Meaning
For some artists, dealing with the question of subject matter is easy, and for others it isn't. This is why I paint portraits.

What do I paint – or, what should I paint? The question of subject is one that constantly reoccurs to me: Why do I want to create a work about this? Should I? Is it worthwhile? What will everyone else think? Having a sense of self consciousness is vital to thinking critically about my own […]

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Why Do I Paint?
Why do I paint? The memory is in the medium. Read more at

Why do I paint? When I was 14, one of my art teachers asked me fairly sharply why I wanted to paint in oils; was it because that was what I thought art had to be? Actually, I thought that art had to be interesting. After giving up two-dimensional work soon after starting university for […]

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Visual Research & Working Methodologies – An Essay
Visual Research And Working Methodologies was a module completed as part of my BA in Fine Art - here's the essay produced for it.

An Essay: The following text has been adapted from my student essay for the “Visual Research and Working Methodologies” module of my BA (Hons) top-up course undertaken in 2011. Looking back over student work is a curious exercise; it feels strange to have communicated so earnestly, and so formally at the same time. Here it […]

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