Jenny’s Homemade Walnut Ink
Self portrait done with Jenny's homemade walnut ink.

Jenny’s walnut ink   My friend Jenny has made her own ink from walnuts she gathered herself in Italy – how romantic is that? She very kindly brought me some to try, and I did a little bit of drawing the other night.       Jenny’s ink is a mid-brown, but Nick Neddo’s book […]

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Art And Money
Art & Money: why selling art is not selling out - an introduction to my new work about money.

Art and money. I’m an artist by training, but a writer as well. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and editing for personal finance blogs. If you’ve asked yourself why an artist should write a personal finance blog, ask yourself why not – why do we have to labour under the prevailing myth […]

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Male Muscle Studies – Charcoal Sketches
I'm continuing my artwork on the male figure with a series of sketches released to my Etsy store!

Male figure artworks – new charcoal sketches available. I’ve released some charcoal sketches in my “muscle study” range direct to my Etsy store. I’m quite pleased with these drawings – they’re simple but convey a sense of elegance combined with power… and the power of transformation.   First releases These featured drawings are mounted to […]

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Foreign Exchange – Creating My Own Artist’s Currency

Foreign Exchange – an artist’s currency I’ve been working on (ok, thinking about) my currency project, Foreign Exchange, for a few years now.   Foreign Exchange refers to my experience of living between currencies. As a Barbadian, my country’s currency was tied to the US dollar at a rate of 2:1 – so there was […]

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Barkley L. Hendricks: A Black Pop Artist?
Was Barkley L. Hendricks a "black pop artist"? How should we categorise his artwork today?

  Barkley L Hendricks: a black pop artist? This essay was written in 2011 as part of a program of academic study. I’d planned to publish it as it was, but sadly, Barkley L Hendricks passed away earlier this year, leading me to question whether to update it or not to reflect this. I decided […]

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