Writing forms a key part of my work, alongside my visual art.

I enjoy writing critical essays as well as fiction, and have worked to combine these (with strange, although undeniably interesting results). Some of my art writing and essays are published as blog posts, with some to be released as books in the future.


The Fire by Lee Devonish - Flash fiction | short story | marriage | domestic violenceAn unexpected encounter in Waterloo Underpass with Sue Hubbard's poem "Eurydice" inspired this piece of writing.This is my mother's story - searching for clues about her genetic inheritance, and how this relates to our Barbadian identity.Was Barkley L. Hendricks a "black pop artist"? How should we categorise his artwork today?Lover or Fighter: the performance of masculinities in the Rocky series. This 2012 essay looks at links between the Rocky movie franchise and feminism.Roots And Culture by Lee Devonish - an essay about how hairstyling constructs racial identity and community.



Titles in production include a graphic novel with an as-yet undetermined title and “The Thought That Counts” – a consideration of hierarchical dualisms in Western thought.

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I’m also the publisher of a discrete blog concerned with money and finance. Besides this I run other websites of my own, and serve as an editor and contributor for several other sites… yes, I’m busy.