Art about men

In 2011 I focused my visual art practice on the subject of men, masculinity and the role of the male model in art. This is still a central concern to me, and it seems more and more relevant as we process the manner in which women have relentlessly been objectified in real life as well as in visual culture.

The point of making art about men is not to objectify one gender, but to show how the simple act of looking in the other direction makes so many people uneasy, when it should be as pure a visual experience as any.


My husband is my main model for all contemporary works (2014 onwards).



Fight, oil on paper painting by Lee Devonish, 2016
Fight. Oil on paper, 2016.

Muse 4.3 Oil on board painting by Lee Devonish, 2012. Click on the picture to read more about the story behind this painting.