How To Name Your Blog Without Sounding Like A Fool.

How to name your blog without sounding like a fool.

Let’s face it, you’ve got enough to worry about with the whole blogging thing.

I did warn you about how much work it was going to be when I told you why you probably shouldn’t start a blog, but you’re determined, so let’s pick a good name.

Something-And-Something syndrome

For ages it seemed as though I only saw blogs that had names made up of something-and-something. Usually the two things that were placed in juxtaposition to illustrate just how different this person was.

Wow, she likes/does/is those two different things? That’s AMAZING! I want to be her friend!

Anyway, I don’t mean to be horrible if that’s your blog. Just don’t jump onto the tail end of a trend.

If you see too many blogs with names that look the same, don’t bother using that cookie cutter.


Future-proof it.

Of course, your blog is all about your family… but if you base it on the number of kids you have, their ages or your age, you’d better be pretty sure you don’t pop any more kids out, and you’ll have to wrangle with what happens when you all grow up.

If you end up going super-specific in any sense, just be prepared to pick and stick, or you’ll end up with a fair amount of inner turmoil, which you could always blog about, I guess.

Read the URL!

It might sound great, or describe your company perfectly, but what happens when you mash the words together into your web address?

Hint: if you can’t figure out what I’m on about, just write it down and do a quick word-search game when you see all the words pressed together. If there’s nothing rude or lewd, it’s a start.

Look at these folks who didn’t check first.

Oh, and think about what happens when people try to spell it – are they unlikely to get it right because you’re spelling a common word in a weird way? Not helpful.

Say it out loud.

If this blogging lark works for you, you’ll be hacking away at this business for a long time to come – you don’t want to be stuck with something awkward that you can’t even pronounce… or worse, say to someone else without getting embarrassed.

The domain game

Really, you’ll be safest with .com – that’s just the way it is.

Everyone will naturally assume your domain will end with .com – there are good reasons to go with others, but just bear in mind that if you can get a .com, you probably should.

But wait, what about me? I’ve got a .design domain!

A .design domain is great if you’re a designer (or a blog designer, or are blogging about blog design!), so I’m there. I’ve managed to incorporate it into my blog name as well, so I’m laughing!

Got a few ideas? See if your perfect domain name is available here.

What do you think?

Can you come up with better ideas? You probably can… feel free to put me right in the comments. 😉