Re: Presentation
Drawing reflected in a mirror. Lee Devonish.

Re: Presentation Is this my best side? For some artists, the attempt to package an image of themselves for the world can be maddening; for others, it may come as a natural extension of their practice. Performing the role of artist may be difficult for some because of the unclear nature of the boundaries of this role […]

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Etsy and Me
What led up to my opening an Etsy shop for my fine art, and my thoughts on choosing a platform like Etsy as a self-representing artist.

Choosing a platform as a self-representing artist There’s always so much to think about when it comes to practicing as an artist – will it be commissions, participatory work or studio based? If you’ve decided to create pieces for sale and then, to represent yourself as an artist, it still doesn’t necessarily make your path […]

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Do you get stuck in a cycle of creating overwhelm in your life? Here's my story of facing burnout and getting past it.

Burnout. Give me something I love, and I’ll find a way to make myself hate it. I don’t mean people or even objects; I mean things I do. Let me get a whiff of being good at something, and I’ll want to be the best – or at least the best I can be. The cycle. The harder […]

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