No. 2 • Pewter Paint Drip Pendant



No. 2

No. 2 is a pewter paint drip pendant cast from a real spent paint tube, which unexpectedly turns into the liquid paint it’s meant to contain..



This wearable pewter paint drip sculpture is a part of a group of works of art about art, made from art materials. These pieces celebrate the tools and materials that artists love and are drawn to,

As a sculptor, I tend to see these pieces as small, wearable sculptures rather than strictly jewellery.

I’ve been saving spent art materials for a few years, with a view to making art from the empties; this kind of self-reflexive “art about art” isn’t an exclusive in-joke, but it’s a feel-good celebration of the tools and materials that artists and makers are drawn to and rely on to express themselves.

The dripping design takes the piece out of the realm of realism and adds a sense of celebration of art-making.



Pewter with wire.

The pewter paint tube sculptures are cast from real paint tubes that I’ve saved and chosen for their ideal shape. This paint tube was my ideal shape and size, and cast in pewter, makes a substantial, weighty pendant. This series is the result of trying to find the perfect gift for an artist or art lover, combined with my own love of art materials and desire to repurpose as much waste material as possible.



5 cm long, 2.8 cm wide, 2.6 cm deep at widest point.






No. 1 is a realistically cast paint tube pendant.

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Please note that the listing is for the pendant only, and does not include any necklace/chain in the photographs which is shown for illustrative purposes only.

Your wearable sculpture will be made to order, and as it is a hand-made item, may vary slightly from the photograph.

Dimensions 8.5 × 2.4 × 1.5 cm