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Using Art As A Mindfulness Exercise

In recent years, the practice of mindfulness has become extremely popular, and with very good reason. After all, there’s plenty that it does for you, and many ways in which it leads to a much better quality of life.

In general, a mindfulness practice can make you considerably more attentive to your daily life, more likely to be kind and generous to yourself and other people, and can encourage in you more peace than you might have thought was possible. The key is to attend to a mindful practice of one kind or another. That can be a meditative practice, or it can be anything that you can sit and do in peace and quiet, which of course includes creating art. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Loving your art

In order for this to work out well, try to make sure that you are practising some kind of art that you genuinely enjoy as much as possible.

If you don’t truly love it, then you will find it much harder to get into in a way which is going to make it that much more of a mindful act. Simply put, it’s hard to be mindful of something you’re not really enjoying, and besides, you wouldn’t want to put yourself through that. So whatever it is that you are thinking of doing – whether you want to just paint and relax or get drawing – make sure that it is something that you really enjoy doing.

Being attentive

The goal is to make your art in the way you normally might, but start to pay a little more attention to what you are doing in the process.

That means specifically coming to see what your actions actually are in each moment, what goes through your mind as you do them, and so on. Everything that arises is worthy of your attention, and your only goal is to bring the light of awareness to each phenomenon in a way which shows them as they are, without trying to alter them. You will be amazed at the kind of joy this simple practice can bring, and it’s certainly something that is worth trying out.

Keeping at it

If you want to get the most out of this, you’ll want to make sure that you are doing it regularly. Mindfulness is always best with a regular practice in place. You can set aside time each day and make a point of sticking to it, or you can simply ensure that you are going to work at being mindful whenever you are engaging in your artistic passions. All in all, you’ll find it’s a great way to become more at peace with yourself.

Why Invest In Art?

It seems as if art tends to go undervalued nowadays, with endless reprints of the classics being all that many people are interested in buying. Yet there really is a whole lot of value in original and unique pieces. Here are just a few different reasons you might want to consider investing in original artwork!

The Importance Of Having A Blog For Your Business

When you run an online business – or even an offline business – being able to get your name out there and market yourself effectively is a huge part of everything you do.

If you’re not able to market yourself, then you’re going to find it really difficult to remain in business for any length of time and will soon find yourself burned out, not enjoying what you’re doing and not having any clients or money come in.

Many business owners make the mistake of believing that simply putting up a website and some social media pages is going to be enough to bring clients in, but that’s just the beginning – you have to be actively bringing people to those places so that you can show your expertise.

So, if you’ve never considered having a blog for your business before or you simply don’t know where to get started, then in this post we’re going to consider the importance of having one.

It builds authority:

When you have a blog for your business where you’re regularly posting content, then you’re going to be able to build authority around whichever topic you’re writing about, and being seen as an authority in business is ultimately what will help build trust with your audience and lead them to eventually buy from you, so having a blog for this reason is very important especially if you’re looking to make money from it in any way.

If you’re not sure if your business will be able to create a blog with enough content or what you should be writing about, then take a look online at other blogs such as those like for inspiration.

It drives traffic:

Although generating organic traffic from your blogging efforts will take a bit of time, the great thing about being consistent with the content you post is that you will start being able to rank higher in Google over time so as long as you’re creating original and useful content that’s targeting the right keywords that your audience are searching for, then you’re going to find that you’ll be driving traffic over time as people search for the terms used on your site.

You own the content:

As much as social media is a truly wonderful tool for growing your business and marketing yourself, the fact is that none of us own social media and the content on there technically belongs to the platform we’re posting it on.

This means that, for example if Facebook or Instagram were to go out of business tomorrow, not only would your audience go with them, but your content would as well, so it’s important that you have other places where you’re connecting with your audience, such as through your blog and email list.

You can repurpose the content:

Just because you’ve posted something once doesn’t mean that everyone has seen it, so as you grow your business and more people are coming into your audience it’s tempting to think that you need to be creating only new content, but if you think it’s useful then you can repurpose existing content to other formats such as podcasts, vlogs, and even e-books or courses that you can then sell for passive income.

Hopefully those points have convinced you that blogging is essential for your business – have a look at some of my other blogging-related articles for more helpful information.

The importance of having a blog for your business

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