The art technician’s week off.

Thanks to a bank holiday on Monday and a stealthily booked day off on Tuesday, I had the week to myself at home.

Sounds great, right? You’d think I’d love nothing more than to get on to making my own artwork for a change… I fully planned to, until I woke up to cat poo on my bed on Monday.

The incontinent cat

My cat gets constipated. When he gets constipated, he gets dosed with laxatives. This time, it seems he could have done with a bit less, as he decided to leave bum-prints of liquid poop on my duvet cover.

That resulted in everything in sight getting washed, including the cat, which did not go down well. On top of that, he’s stressed about our having taken in a stray – that hasn’t led to the cat poo issue, but it has made life a bit more complicated as we all have to play referee until the fur stops flying.


Oh, and the stray had fleas.

Writing, but not illustrating.

I finally cracked the burning question of what to do with some of my essays – and what to do with my blog.

I was just about to settle down to working on some illustrations for one of my weirder essays (which I plan to turn into a graphic novel) when it came to me… but the idea was a huge idea and suddenly the time for the illustrations turned into time for writing.

Not long after that I had to abandon it and join in with my husband’s home workout routine. It’s my own idea, as I’m tired of being slightly swibbly.

Cracking the whip

I’m not reet good at this exercise thing, and I was suffering the next day. I still am, actually.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the husband had some compulsory DIY service planned for me as well. I’ve forbidden him to attempt any carpentry at home, so it falls to me to do things like fitting the door handles and latches. (This handiness is coming back to haunt me at work, as I was told someone had referred to me as the 3D/building technician. Say what?)


A newly fitted bedroom door locking latch and handle. Not art.

The day off was starting to feel like a busman’s holiday.


The house flipping project

The DIY rush is on to finish our house so we can sell it on, make loads of dosh and never have to go to work again.


Fitting flush door latches. Not art.

Oh wait… no, it’s just to sell it on and make a modest profit so that we can move somewhere a bit more suited to us. I just don’t want to have to go through this process again in the next house – I’ve put a lot of work into this one, and with that taking up so much of my time there’s not a lot left for making my artwork.

Is it weird to be interested in the results from scraping old paint from door frames?

At least I’ve been able to let loose on a mural in our bedroom… but I don’t know if it’ll make sense to finish it now.

Web design

I lost a chunk of my life to fiddling around with my websites – but in fairness, I really enjoyed the results.

It’s my weird hobby – I do love collecting domains, setting up sites and then figuring out how to find the time to run them. Right now I have this one, a finance blog that’s picking up steam, an anonymous blogging blog (self-reflexivity at its finest) and another domain as well as a few sites gathering dust.

I have a lot of irons in the fire right now, but they’re all in aid of getting me out of my job eventually, once they get hot enough!


At least I can say that even though I didn’t do any painting or drawing this week, I cleared a major writing hurdle and saw six blog posts published!

So, is there any slack for me not having made any art this week?


My week of working for myself:

40% fitting door latches

25% writing

15% writhing in pain after a workout

5% social media wrangling

5% website tinkering

5% workout wrangling

3% cat poo

2% flea eradication

(percentages may not be entirely accurate)

The Art Technician, part 3. A week off work turns into a week of work - see what I got up to working for myself.

The truth is, I’m already REDACTED. That’s not great, right? Still, I needed this time at home. It might not have been a holiday, but it’s been good for me.

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