Monoprinting in the morning

A bit misleading maybe – the monoprinting was going on a bit later, but my first job was to gather up supplies for the class.

I’d repaired and cleaned lots of brayers a few months ago, so I knew they were somewhere; it was just a matter of tracking them down. Finding things for different classrooms is one of the most enjoyable ways to start a week.

Rolling with it

The space where the wax-bottomed structure stood had been earmarked for a new exhibition board, but there was no time for our maintenance men to put it up over the summer. It had been constructed over the end of the previous week, so I borrowed some rolling corner skates to shift it into position in the centre of the stairwell.

A pallet full of palettes

Just when I thought I’d have a quiet day ahead, I got the heads up that there was a delivery for me. A big one.

Ordering things is fine, but having to unpack a huge pallet piled high with packages (in a hurry) makes you think twice about shopping! It’s a bit like going nuts at the supermarket and finally making it home with all of your bags, only to collapse in a heap on the kitchen floor because you realise you have to do it all over again in reverse to get the stuff into your cupboards.

Anyway, I felt a marked sense of achievement after that. And unpacking art supplies is always a bit fun.

Odd jobs and furniture shifting

Being a bit flexible means that I can occasionally step into classrooms when a lecturer isn’t available, just for a bit of supervision. It’s also good to get to drop in and out of problems, like helping to figure out how to change the bulb on a Durst C35 enlarger (I found the manual online but in the end I simply found the Media technician, who showed me how).

The manual I found was so boringly thorough and, well, quaint in a pre-internet, “here are all our worldwide stockists and their telephone numbers and addresses, formatted using only a typewriter, rulers and glue” type way that made me think of what my generation (and those before me, but I think mine was the last) made out of analogue tech.

We were amazing!


And of course, there were a couple of setups to chip in with.



My week at work:

60% Carrying and unpacking boxes

10% Finding and fetching

10% Moving exhibition boards and painting them

10% Restocking art rooms

5% Moving furniture

3.5% Class cover

1% Deciphering a busted enlarger

0.5% Blagging some non-latex anti-cut gloves from the engineering department


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