New Rosemary & Co brushes!

New brushes are always a huge treat for me, but I finally let rip and bought myself a set of pure sable brushes from Rosemary & Co. I’ve only discovered them recently (last to know, it seems) and I love them.


Sable brushes with oil paint

I’m using them with very liquid, thinned oil paint, so they serve my technique much more than rough hogs hair brushes do – although I’d been getting by with sable and synthetic blends beforehand.



I was pretty impressed by the speed of the delivery (and the chocolate included – winner).



I bought four micro brushes, two riggers, two brights, one angular liner, one filbert, one spotter and one domed filbert.

I’ve used watercolour brushes for oils for a long time now, and I can’t see myself going back. I keep my old, scrubby hog brushes for mixing paint and pick up the colour from the old brush with the soft new one.



They arrived just in time to start a new painting (watch this space), and so far I’m delighted with the investment.

My new delivery of Rosemary & Co pure sable brushes - my latest art investment.

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