Resources For Creating Your Artist’s Website
Resources for creating your own artist's (or whatever kind of) website.

Resources for creating and promoting your artist’s (or whatever kind of) website: After realising that my most popular blog post on this site has nothing to do with my art, I did a teeny bit of moping. Then I got over it. I understood that there are people just like me out there, searching in the […]

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How To Customise Colorlib’s Illdy WordPress Theme
A collection of css code to change features of the Illdy wordpress theme by Colorlib.

Customise Illdy without losing your mind.   Like this post? Check out the resources I use for creating and managing my websites!   I was a total WordPress novice when I decided to make the leap and switch this site over from Weebly to WordPress. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing, and […]

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The Best Spam Comments On My Blogs This Week
The best spam comments on my blog this week. As much as I hate to see the English language mangled by comment spammer, sometimes they come up with comedy gold.

The very best spam comments on my blogs this week. I publish a number of websites, and this inevitably means pruning a lot of comments from my spam filters. Most are vile, if I’m honest, but some are silly enough to crack a smile. Comment spam must be the bane of internet publishing, but it […]

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